Humorous Stories

“Operation Round Orange” Saturday Evening Post.

“Twenty Parsecs East of the Earth Bypass, Closed on Sundays” (upcoming) Fireside

“Days of Love and Loss: A Prologue to the Cat-borg Apocalypse” (upcoming) Stupefying Stories Showcase

“The Flittiest Catch” Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show (reprinted in Voluted Tales)

“Gorlack the Destroyer’s All You Can Eat Adventure” Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse

“Thirty More Seconds” The Short Humour Site

“Here There Be Monsters?” Stupefying Stories Showcase (Bizzarocast podcast)

1 thought on “Humorous Stories

  1. Hi Robert, I liked the Gotlack story at Escape Pod, fun stuff. Is this the lame version of your webpage that you mentioned? It looks okay to me, but my students mock me for my website. Btw, were your parents fond of the poets Robert Lowell or James Russell Lowell? Just curious. Keep up the good work! ~ John


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